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Passion Beyond Pain A Mindful Approach to Living a Life of Balance

Passion Beyond Pain

(2 customer reviews)


Passion Beyond Pain: A Mindful Approach to Living a Life of Balance

John Inzerillo M.D.

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SKU: 9780893344542


You can take a more mindful approach to life and beat physical illness, depression, or pain by taking charge of your health. Renowned cancer specialist Dr. John Inzerillo shows that you can find the key to inner peace by unlocking the door between mind and body. Passion Beyond Pain: A Mindful Approach to Living a Life of Balance shows how to find your “calm center” to feel better overall.

If you have been struggling with an illness or getting older, the natural desire to be healthy is innate. By balancing the mind and body, you can feel better physically and mentally even when battling severe illnesses. Passion Beyond Pain shows that the mind and body affect one another. Award-winning oncologist Inzerillo shows how chronic pain and depression can be healed and better understood by patients and medical professionals.

Dr. John Inzerillo sets forth the constant goal of balance in Passion Beyond Pain. No matter what ailments you suffer from, he lets you know you can be content daily and enjoy life. Teaching yourself mindfulness can combat depression and anxiety, while meditation lowers heart rate and blood pressure. Passion Beyond Pain will send you on a powerful but peaceful journey to find your calm center. Dr. Inzerillo shows that everyone possesses the capacity to heal, and we all deserve the peace of mind.

Editorial Reviews:

“John Inzerillo gets it. His experience as an oncologist combined with his yoga practice gives an amazing approach to health, wellness, and recovery. I cannot recommend this book highly enough. It is wise and compassionate, philosophical and practical. Passion Beyond Pain should be read by everyone who wishes to grow, change, and live their life best.” Kathleen Brehony, Clinical Psychologist, Author, and Life Coach

About the Author

Dr. John Inzerillo, a renowned cancer specialist, has been practicing medicine in North Carolina for over 20 years. He uses his experience and expertise to teach medical professionals about the emotional and mental impact cancer has on everyone close to the patient. His speaking engagements discuss “Dealing with Loss and Grief,” “Difficult Discussion in Late-Stage Cancer,” and “Helping Patients Transition into Survivorship.” An award-winning oncologist, Dr. Inzerillo has published studies and performed clinical trials. He believes in the mind-body relationship and shows how they affect one another in his book, Passion Beyond Pain: A Mindful Approach to Living a Life of Balance. By finding a calm center, we can enjoy life despite being ill. Dr. Inzerillo shows individuals and those in the medical field how to understand the relationship between pain and mental health. The goal is to achieve balance which will lead to a peaceful journey to heal and enjoy life. He also wrote, Discover the Joy of Good Health which provides helpful insight into coping in turbulent times.

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  1. Yank Elliott

    Passion Beyond Pain
    The author represents what some would call an unconventional approach to cancer treatment, especially the aspects of major pain so often associated with this disease. He treats a member of my family and a few days ago we remarked about how comforting it is to have a session with him; no matter what happens, we always leave with positive feelings. Now I know why this is. My research into his background led me to an article he wrote in the December, 2006, issue of The New Physician. It was “EYE CONTACT: Disengaged doctors and the death of hope.”

  2. R. Knapp

    Focus is on tuning your mind and body to overcome pain.
    The methodology is soundly based on thousands of years of practice. If you have enough pain, you should be motivated to give it your best effort. Why not? It is a positive approach to dealing with pain and the reasons for that pain.

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