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Green Dragon’s personal development books offer techniques and views to continually nurture the mind, body, and soul. Our vision and commitment to providing knowledge and learning to the world extend beyond children. As adults, we continue to develop and grow through life to understand ourselves and others better. If you are focusing on self-improvement, read a book by one of our accredited authors. We offer titles that provide insight into accomplishing personal and professional development. As you grow and achieve a sense of physical, mental, and spiritual harmony, you will see success in all areas of life.

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Green Dragon Books publishes thoughtful and meaningful books to help the world move forward. In an increasingly stressful and demanding world, losing one’s balance can be easy, and you may feel overwhelmed with no time to read. All self-improvement books come in ebook formats, which offer convenience for achieving personal peace and a sense of calm.

If you need motivation or inspiration, we have a personal development book for you. Better your health and wellness, hone your leadership skills, tap into your creativity, work on strengthening professional and personal relationships, or escape with a fiction or legacies book. No matter what realm of life you want to improve, Green Dragon Books give you the tools to achieve individual and professional goals. No matter your age, life and learning go hand in hand, and as you live and learn, you grow.

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