School Readiness

Quick, Valid Assessment of Essential School Readiness Skills

Getting ready to attend school can be a nervous and exciting for parents and children. For 30 years, Green Dragon’s educational and developmental tools have been part of the National Assessment and Compliance System. Green Dragon’s guides help parents, teachers and educational programs monitor children’s intellectual, psychological, and social progress, including their readiness for school.

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A leading instrument, The Lollipop Test by Alex L. Chew, Ed.D., assesses children’s skills against national norms. This diagnostic screening tool assesses school readiness for Pre-K, Kindergarten, or 1st grade. The Lollipop Test, available in English, French, and Spanish, is based on many years of deep, first-hand research and has wide usage in North America and Latin America. The set includes 25 Lollipop Test Administration and Scoring Booklets (one per child), a teacher’s Developmental and Interpretive Manual, and a set of colorful Stimulus Cards. The components of the set are also available individually.

Ensuring your child enters primary school at the right time plays a significant role in their future educational and personal success. Starting a child too soon or unprepared can have devastating ramifications on their emotional health and self-esteem. The Lollipop Test uses data and national norms to ensure your child meets school readiness criteria.

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