Stimulus Cards for The Lollipop Test


The Lollipop Test Stimulus Cards

Alex Chew

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A set of seven unique Stimulus Cards specifically designed to work with the Lollipop Test Administration and Scoring booklet. The kindergarten school readiness test was developed by Alex Chew Ed.D.

Test 1: Identification of colors and shapes, and copying shapes

Test 2: Picture description, position, and spacial recognition

Test 3: Identification of numbers and counting

Test 4: Identification of letters and writing.

The third edition includes numerous published statistical studies and ongoing research not included in the two previous editions. These studies continue to substantiate the excellent validity of The Lollipop Test that is available in both English and Spanish editions.

The concept of readiness can be related to achievement in various school subjects and at veracious levels of the curriculum. The broadest scope of readiness as defined by Ausubel refers to ” the adequacy of existing capacity in relation to the demands of a given learning task. The second type of readiness is socioeconomic, relating to the developing personality qualities and the strides already taken toward independence. The final, major barometer of readiness is considered intellectual-educational. The Administration and Scoring Booklet for the Lollipop Test has been revised to accommodate the recording of both pre and post-kindergarten or pre-school assessment scores.

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Alex L. Chew, Ed.D.

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