Three to Six Assessment

Effective Assessment of Preschool Developmental Landmarks

Preschool-aged children are expected to develop a certain set of skills and behaviors  which will prepare them for future success. Whether learning at preschool, a learning center, or at home, achieving these important developmental milestones sets children up for continued growth. A thorough understanding of early childhood development plays a prominent role amongst teachers, parents, and administrators. By observing and assessing children, you may identify delays and can act early on any developmental blocks.

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Children may not always “outgrow” certain behaviors, and there could be underlying problems instead of being a “late-bloomer.” For 30 years, Green Dragon’s National Assessment and Compliance System has had wide acceptance in Early Childhood Education circles. Despite advances in technology, a child’s developmental stages do not change.

This excellent resource, Green Dragon’s National Preschool Assessment Handbook by Derek Whordley, still applies today for ages three to six years. The book focuses on Social/Emotional, Motor Skills, Language, Cognitive, and Hygiene/Self-Help skills and contains a checklist of the most important skills and behaviors to observe. The handbook includes a discussion of child development during the preschool age years. Through observation and assessment, teachers and parents can devise individual educational plans (IEP’s).

By implementing this assessment instrument, you will prepare children for their educational future. Acting on developmental delays will help children reach their full potential.

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