Six to Nine

Transitioning to Early Elementary Education

Create a fun learning environment in the classroom or home school for early elementary students ages six to nine. These educational materials will help teachers engage children and enhance learning through fun activities and games. The learning guides cover various subjects to stimulate children’s natural curiosity and sensory perception while improving listening skills and self-awareness.

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Science Activities: The Leaves Are Falling in Rainbows by Michael Knight, Ph.D., and Terry Graham, M.A. has exciting activities for young children to learn and love science! This educational guide offers thought-provoking exercises and hands-on approaches to help early elementary students explore science. Using these effective teaching methods, you will help children effectively learn and retain the subject of science. Students will become knowledgeable about the changing nature of water and air, photosynthesis in plants, magnetism, and other scientific concepts. Includes activities for individual discovery and as well as classroom projects to learn science.

Big Book of Folder Games: For the Innovative Classroom by Elaine Commins covers different subjects and makes learning fun for everyone! Elementary school teachers can use games, puzzles, exercises, and projects to educate their students. Develop children’s reading and fine motor skills while teaching them math, art, and social studies.

Use Green Dragon’s early elementary resources to help further children’s cognitive development in the classroom or at home! Subjects include language, reading, math, science, exercise, drama, music, and art. Add these titles to your early education resource library to help provide a firm footing for future learning.

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