Let’s Link Literature and Social Studies

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Let’s Link Literature and Social Studies

Bonnie Connelly and Susan Stern

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Using picture books to teach Social Studies is like waving a magic wand in front of your class before asking students to open a textbook! Let’s Link Literature and Social Studies will build background knowledge, vocabulary, connections, higher-level thinking, and introduce new concepts in one sweep. The information in this book is suitable for all students, struggling and nonreaders, ESL, standard, gifted, and those with special needs.

Let’s Link Literature and Social Studies offers an effective book of stories to be read aloud and has multiple activities for each story. By authors Bonnie Connelly and Susan Stern, this resourceful book will enhance students’ learning and engagement of complex subjects and create an interactive classroom setting. Students will learn about cause and effect, conflict resolution, while teachers can easily plan themed lessons. Children will find the stories enjoyable, memorable, and easy to understand. Despite the internet, research shows that picture books or illustrated literature remains the most effective tool in learning.

Let’s Link Literature and Social Studies has eight themes. (1) Passage of Time (2) Maps and Geography (3) Community (4) Global (5) Conservation (6) Immigration (7) U.S. Government and (8) Families. Each story has a summary, vocabulary, notable features, activities, discussion points, and further recommended reading. The stories in this book can be read aloud or interactively, where the teacher stops and engages the students. Let’s Link Literature and Social Studies makes complicated topics more manageable and provides teachers with a wide array of ideas.

About the Author

Bonnie Connelly was an English teacher at Miller Place School on Long Island, NY. She earned her bachelor’s degree in history from Brooklyn College and her master’s in history education from Long Island University, Brookville, NY. Bonnie directs workshops for teachers on the most effective methods for using children’s literature in the classroom and has published numerous articles on the topic. Bonnie became a teacher for Mahwah after Miller Place and currently resides in New York.

Susan Stern is a Reading Specialist in the Miller Place School on Long Island, NY. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Literature and Masters in Reading from Dowling College in Oakdale, NY. She teaches courses and leads workshops on using children’s literature in the classroom and reading. Susan has written for several educational journals about how children’s literature can teach students reading and writing skills

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  1. P.J. Reed

    Turns every read-aloud into a complete learning experience!
    I am one of the authors of this book and I am also a Reading Teacher in an elementary school. These step-by-step suggestions for using read-aloud picture books have been tested with my own students. Each of the books listed is connected to a Social Studies theme. Inside this book are simple, easy-to-follow ideas on how to extend each story for word study, vocabulary and phonics, language arts and author’s craft, discussion questions for comprehension and “thinking outside the story,” and extension activities like writing, crafts, and research projects. There are word searches, word scrambles, mazes, or crossword puzzles for the books listed. This is a must-have guide for all elementary teachers, parents, and homeschoolers.

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