Literacy and Language

Foster a Love of Language

Green Dragon’s Language education resource books emphasize active learning to engage children and develop critical thinking skills. Use the materials for language development to expand vocabulary and make connections to other subjects. The learning guides offer a range of grade levels from preschool to elementary and support all students, including special needs.

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In Let’s Link Literature and Social Studies, authors Bonnie Connelly and Susan Stern guide you through active lessons using children’s stories and picture books to teach students about the world around us. This education tool will promote higher-level thinking amongst all students, even those struggling with literacy. Teachers can use this resource book for all classrooms as a springboard to build knowledge with ESL, gifted, standard, and special needs students.

Read Me a Rhyme, Please by Barbara Beyer Malley educates preschool through 2nd-grade elementary students regardless of the child’s reading level. Parents and teachers can use this activity guide to build children’s vocabulary through poetry. Non-readers listen to the poems and answer questions while readers can complete more advanced activities. Amusing, original illustrations are featured throughout the book.

Get children excited to explore and interact with you as they develop and grow language skills. At Green Dragon Books we believe that early learning sets every child up for success.

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