Science and Math

Encourage Curiosity About Our World

Expand children’s horizons with Green Dragon’s Science and Math educational resources. Teachers and parents can use these guides to help students learn scientific principles along with basic math equations. Children can experiment and hone their critical thinking skills with fun activities and hands-on projects while using  all five senses. Help your students develop an interest in mathematics, geology, meteorology, environmental science, physical science, nutrition, and space travel.

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Science Math and Nutrition For Toddlers helps educators and parents teach young children valuable thinking skills. Implement the activities in this educational tool to teach toddlers science, math, and healthy eating habits. Includes a large annotated bibliography and extensive resource list.

Clean Air Activities by The Clean Air Conservancy informs students about air pollution causes and impacts. The educational material focuses primarily on air pollution from coal burning but also addresses other sources. Clean Air Activities provides hands-on solutions to lessen pollution. In an eco-friendly era, children will also learn how to help the environment and reduce their carbon footprint.

Green Dragon’s educational resource books will tap into children’s natural curiosity and foster a love of math and science. STEM helps facilitate student’s learning today to prepare them for their future endeavors.

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