Relationships and Family

The Power of Human Connections

Our relationships hold tremendous value and play an integral and meaningful part in life. Solid and healthy family bonds help children develop while enhancing parental relationships. Heightened self-awareness improves human connections in friendships, professional and romantic relationships. You become more conscious of yourself and your surroundings through self-improvement techniques. With effective communication and acceptance, every relationship you have, personal and professional, will flourish. Developing deep connections and closeness enriches life. Use these inspiring books to strengthen family bonds, friendships, and intimacy with your partner.

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The award-winning book, Loving Well: The Key to Satisfying and Joyful Relationships by Dr. Erin K. Leonard focuses on emotional closeness. Healthy relationships lessen stress, depression, and anxiety and lead to more physical intimacy with a partner. For those looking to date, the book has a self-improvement aspect to it. Leonard encourages single people to seek someone emotionally available. A recipient of the 2016 Bronze Living Now award, Loving Well also helps mend estranged parent and child relationships.

The Tao of Relationships: A Balancing of Man and Woman by Ray Grigg will help you achieve balance and unity in your romantic relationships. Learn that one key to staying together means you also need to be apart at times. Love knows no limits, and relationships have processes to be successful and for you to feel complete. Grigg’s thought-provoking book, based on the timeless classic Tao te Ching, teaches you valuable lessons about the paradox of love.

Connect and build stronger relationships with these family and relationship books from Green Dragon Books. When you love well, you live well.

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