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Solve internal struggles and overcome obstacles with self-help books from Green Dragon Books. By achieving self-awareness, you improve and gain positive insight and will see things from a new perspective. Our self-help books will guide you to flourish in life as you continue the process of self-care and development. When facing challenges, Green Dragon’s guides can ease any turmoil by offering practical methods to utilize in challenging circumstances.

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The Tao of Recovery: A Quiet Path to Wholeness by Jim McGregor implements a Taoist approach to recovery for addicts and their loved ones. This spiritual guide teaches you how to employ the Twelve Step program throughout recovery. Learn how to let go, control desires, accept, trust, find hope and love in the world. After you achieve wholeness, you will be empowered to help others battle their addictions.

Less Drama More Fun: Your Roadmap to Personal Freedom by Barbara McRae discusses how we create drama in our lives and how to break through the chaos. Renowned life coach and author Barbara McRae, offers proven techniques to improve personal and professional relationships and raise your IQ and EQ. Let’s get started!

Anyone can use and benefit from Green Dragon’s self-improvement tools. Learn new introspection techniques with our self-help books. As you develop throughout life, you can go on and help others achieve balance.

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