The Tao of Loss and Grief

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The Tao of Loss and Grief: Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching Adapted for New Emotions

Pamela Metz

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In life, we all suffer losses and defeats. Adversity is how we rise above the pain and heal. Everyone grieves differently. The Tao of Loss and Grief has been adapted for new emotions. This book gives a gentle philosophy as you face struggles throughout life. Based on Lao Tzu’s classic Tao Te Ching principles, author Pamela Metz provides spiritual awareness. The adaptation will allow you to look at grief differently and deeply.

The Tao of Loss and Grief touches upon life’s mysteries, challenges, and surprises. Everyone responds to grief and loss in some way, be it emotions or stoicism. The truth in life shows that reactions to suffering have no definition. We all grieve differently. Through grief and loss, we get to experience hope, love, forgiveness, and healing.

You can read The Tao of Loss and Grief from beginning to end or look at the Table of Contents to select a short chapter. Let the gentle words guide you as you go through your healing process. You will gain insight into letting go, and by opening up random pages, you may see your progress through the tough times. Pamela Metz has provided a spiritual and timeless approach to dealing with pain that will help ease the process. You have to let go of pain to open yourself up to new opportunities and live without the past holding you back.

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About the Author

Pamela Metz lives in Denver, Colorado, where she served as Associate Professor Emeritus at the University of Denver and the associate dean of academic and student affairs for the Graduate School of Social Work. She holds degrees in education and social work from the Illinois State University, the University of Denver, and the University of Colorado. Pam’s 30-year teaching career spans university settings, public and private schools, and the innovative University Without Walls. She has worked as an elementary teacher, hospice social worker, and educational administrator. On all of her paths of life, the wisdom of the Tao has been her guide. She follows the principles of letting go, following natural cycles, and trusting the processes.

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