Pre-K Math: Concepts from Global Sources

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Pre-K Math: Concepts from Global Sources

Cynthia Manthey

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Children can conquer creative, tactile adventures with Pre-K Math: Concepts from Global Sources. Activities in this book are age and developmentally appropriate and will not bore students as worksheets do. Pre-K Math: Concepts from Global Sources offers games, art, puppetry, and fingerplays to teach preschool children. The activities will excite and engage students while learning numbers and math.

Preschool children will learn how to write and identify numbers and count from zero to ten and in reverse. Teach children amounts through visual learning and play, and simple addition, subtraction, and estimation. In Pre-K Math: Concepts from Global Sources, each chapter focuses on a different number. Teachers can concentrate on a new number each week, engage their students’ curiosity, and stimulate all five senses. Author Cynthia Manthey has also included pre-written letters to parents to continue engaging their child from home with the number of the week.

Pre-K Math: Concepts from Global Sources also provides an overview of children’s natural development. Looking at skills will help you determine the best teaching methods for the most effective learning. This math guide also can be used as a secondary book to With Respect for Others: Activities for a Global Neighborhood. Students will learn math along with culture, safety, self-esteem, and emotions. Pre-K Math: Concepts from Global Sources is a great resource guide to use by itself as well. This educational tool helps young children take on the tricky subject of math to prepare them for future academic success.

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About the Author

Cynthia M. Manthey worked as a preschool teacher and has always been passionate about teaching and early childhood development. Cynthia received her B.A. in Special and General Education from Edgewood College and M.S. in Counseling from Concordia University in Wisconsin. She has vast experience developing lesson plans and programs, teaching, and assessing students. Manthey now teaches for the Sun Prairie School District in Wisconsin. Cynthia has done a tremendous amount of volunteer work with the University of Wisconsin-Madison and other schools and organizations. She loves spending time with family and friends during her free time and enjoys running and golfing.

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