Super Simple Science for Preschoolers

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Super Simple Science for Preschoolers

Marvin Tolman

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Marvin Tolman gives you the formula for developing young scientists starting in their preschool years. Super Simple Science for Preschoolers has enjoyable activities to teach children scientific concepts, including basic chemistry, gravity, and convection, while using all five senses to explore science.

Super Simple Science guides the process of teaching young children with easy and step-by-step activities. This guide helps homeschool and preschool teachers use everyday household items to create fun scientific lessons. Preschool children learn better when utilizing their five senses with interactive activities.

Students will retain the challenging subject of science from lessons about air, water, shadows, and measurements. Super Simple Science helps preschool children develop problem-solving skills with mixture and structure activities. As preschoolers engage with scientific experiments, they will gain a better understanding and interest. Getting young children to love science will help them throughout their entire education.

About the Author

Dr. Marvin N. Tolman is a noteworthy American educator, teaching in Utah throughout his life. Known in Utah as “the father of elementary science education,” he began his career in public schools. Tolman served as a principal and taught 3rd and 5th grade before receiving his advanced degrees. He received his master’s from the University of Utah and a Doctorate in Education from Utah State. Dr. Tolman then became a professor at Brigham Young University for 32 years and has written several books and articles. His achievements include the Marquis’ Who’s Who and Utah’s Science Teachers Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award. The association created an annual award in his name that now goes to other educators who exhibit lifetime teaching excellence. Dr. Tolman implemented the “Utah Core Academy,” which offers continuing education courses to teachers statewide.

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