Activities for Parent Groups

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Activities for Parent Groups: Structured Developmental Activities for Parent Groups

Gary B. Wilson

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The days of tedious PTA meetings have transformed into more energetic and productive groups. Activities for Parent Groups has various motivating activities that will empower parent involvement in their child’s education. Involving the community in childhood development plays a vital and influential role in learning centers and schools. This guide has innovative and structured exercises based on research by Gary B. Wilson to facilitate teamwork amongst parents and educators.

Educators can use this training tool to ramp up parent involvement efforts within the education system. Adults learn and coordinate together most effectively in an informal setting. Assessing the group, the trainer can formulate goals and objectives based on actual problems children face. Activities for Parent Groups shows you how to plan and implement a meeting and teach others how to understand and respect differing viewpoints. The common goal is to provide high-quality education for the child and to work together towards that.

Activities for Parent Groups is a practical guide where Wilson gives tips on decision-making, conflict resolution, leadership skills, and meeting procedures. Interactive parent meetings require assessing the situation and the group members. After holding the meeting, an evaluation works best. Wilson provides forms and suggestions in Activities for Parent Groups for the trainer to use for evaluation. Trainers who follow up and seek feedback for improvement will be more effective. Facilitating an open and engaging environment draws everyone together and is rewarding. Parent groups that are comfortable and enjoyable will be more successful in fostering change.

About the Author

Gary B. Wilson has expertise in organizational development, leadership, and early childhood development. Mr. Wilson’s career includes the early implementation of the national Head Start Program, researching the program’s effectiveness, and working with Native American communities to establish early education programs. He has a deeply held belief that every child deserves opportunities to succeed. His research projects include assessing childhood development, parent involvement, and group organization in schools and the community. With his vast experience in writing research studies and leadership skills, Wilson founded the publishing company Humanics in 1969, now known as Green Dragon Books. The company focused on educational materials for both children and adults. Wilson publishes self-help, spirituality, personal growth, and other genres of books. He firmly believes that humans can reach their full potential and that constant learning will enrich your life. Through Green Dragon Books, Wilson gives “indie” authors an opportunity to enter the literary world. He encourages others to share original thoughts and knowledge in their respective fields. Mr. Wilson has an MBA in Organizational Development from the University of Pittsburgh, an MA in Management from WVU, and an OPM from Harvard University. His professional career also includes working on research at Stanford and Yale University. Mr. Wilson enjoys photography, nature, his dogs, and encouraging others to reach their aspirations in his spare time. His current writing project is tentatively titled “Leave No Trace: How to Not Leave Behind a Digital Imprint,” look for it this winter!

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  1. JWM

    Activities for parents groups this book was most helpful to me in setting a large parent program.

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