Read Me a Rhyme, Please!

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Read Me a Rhyme Please: A Poetry Primer for Pre-School through Second Grade

Barbara Beyer Malley

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Children from preschool to 2nd grade will enjoy their time with each and every rhyme in this book. Read Me a Rhyme, Please! is an activity book for both non-readers and readers. Non-reading students will enjoy short versions of poems being read aloud. Teachers can ask easy follow-up questions after the poem and use crayons for bonus activities. For students beginning to read, the teacher can step in and help build their confidence. Older children who read will love the rhythmic verses and engaging questions after the exercises. As children grow familiar with poetry, they will expand their language skills and vocabulary.

With catchy tongue twisters, Read Me a Rhyme, Please! will create an engaging learning environment. The poetry primer book comes with illustrations to appeal to students, and they will grow fond of poetry. The book discusses figures of speech to help language development and lesson planning. Read Me a Rhyme, Please!, by Barbara Beyer Malley, discusses alliteration, sibilance, internal rhymes, similes, metaphors, and hyperboles. Through repetition and rhythm, children will expand their cognitive-developmental skills. Adults will also have fun with this exciting poetry primer!

About the Author

Barbara Beyer Malley was a writer, pilot, yachtswoman, golfer, and bridge player. She lived to be 97 and resided in Massachusetts her entire life. Barbara was inspired by her mother, Ernestine Cobern Beyer, to write. She began writing humorous articles in the 1950s in boating magazines. She then became a pilot with her husband and started writing about their adventures in flying magazines. She authored children’s activity books as well as memoirs and poetry. She loved her family and lived her life to the fullest. Barbara adapted to the digital age and kept a blog, one of her most enjoyable writing experiences. She was blogging well into her 90’s making her truly remarkable.

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  1. Faith

    Enchanting poetry for all ages
    As a child of (almost) twelve, I read a most imaginative poem entitled, “The Laughing Willow” in a children’s magazine. Written by Ernestine Cobern Beyer (4 August 1893 – 13 Dec 1972), it tells of a misbehaving young willow tree, that will not weep despite the efforts of its melancholy family. That endearing poem is included in this book for children, which also offers instructions for teachers & students on the creative process of writing rhyming poetry. Compiled by Ernestine’s daughter, author Barbara Beyer Malley, it contains some (but not all) of the delightful works written by this award-winning yet little-known American treasure. The poetry of Ernestine Cobern Beyer stands up well to all the better-known rhyming poets of this day, as well as the classics of past masters, as her work is of the same caliber of excellence & timelessness. If you possess a strong sense of wonder & whimsy, (or want to:) I highly recommend it!

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