Teaching Terrific Five’s

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Teaching Terrific Fives and Other Children

Ray Langstrom and Jane Hodges

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After Fours, you have to get ready for more fun with your five-year-old students or children! Teaching Terrific Five’s has practical classroom and home-based learning activities. Educate pre-k and kindergarten children through stories, rhymes, songs, and games! This easy-to-use guide has an intuitive format and lots of reproducible activities.

Teaching Terrific Five’s will help educators foster children’s growth in five developmental areas. Skills include Social/Emotional, Language, Cognitive, Motor Skills, and Hygiene/Self-Help. Children will love these activities because of the repetition, memorable characters, and catchy verses! The guide has fresh and imaginative activities for the classroom and comes from a tried-and-true book series!

Co-author Jane Hodges has uniquely tailored the content to the individual needs of preschool-aged children for teaching them. The book is based on the trusted Green Dragon National Child Assessment Checklist of age-appropriate skills and behaviors. This guide is guaranteed to take an educator’s understanding of preschool enrichment to the next level. For anyone working with five-year-olds, this educational resource book is a must-have!

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About the Author

Dr. Jane Hodges’ impressive background started with her career in Early Childhood Development and Education. She was an Elementary Education Professor at the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida. Dr. Hodges had an interest in space education and went to work for NASA and oversaw their University Program for over ten years. She founded the International Space Organization and has traveled to over 60 countries teaching space education and technology. She holds six degrees, her most recent from Emory University School of Law in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Hodges has published dozens of articles in journals and has written several books. Edisto focuses on aerospace, early childhood, and multicultural education. Jane has had a lifelong passion for teaching and learning and loves embracing different cultures when she travels. She believes in parent involvement and that children can reach for the stars just like she has.

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