Drama and Music

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Drama and Music: Creative Activities for Young Children

Janet Rubin and Margaret Merrion

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The reservoir of creativity inside you and your children is just waiting to be tapped! Drama and Music: Creative Activities for Young Children can be used year-round to plan imaginative activities for your classroom. Implementing these projects will help develop a collaborative and creative environment among your students as they learn to express themselves in progressively complex ways. This fun guide begins with fingerplays and rhymes then transforms into activities with instruments and choral reading.

Drama and Music has an easy-to-follow format and helps teachers develop brief or extensive lesson plans. As your students explore music and drama, other math, science, and language subjects will be reinforced. Drama and Music: Creative Activities for Young Children is recommended for Preschool through Kindergarten aged children. Authors Janet Rubin and Margaret Merrion have designed a practical guide that allows teachers to use their judgment on age-appropriateness due to different skill levels. Teachers can individually tailor the creative activities based on instructional style and student needs.

This valuable resource book also provides background information on teaching and coaching. The index of Drama and Music: Creative Activities for Young Children includes music, poetry, and literature. Make your classroom a dynamic and exciting place for integrated learning where your students will have fun while learning!

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About the Author

Dr. Margaret Merrion is the Dean Emerita of the College of Fine Arts at Western Michigan University. She was the Dean of Fine Arts at Ball State University in Indiana for ten years before going to Michigan. Dr. Merrion has authored numerous books and articles using her leadership and fine arts background to advance education at all levels. She received her Music Education bachelor’s degree from Chicago State University and studied management at their graduate school. Dr. Merrion earned her graduate degree and Ph.D. from the University of Missouri and OPM from Harvard. Dr. Merrion also is an educational consultant and has served on the Higher Learning Commission, Accreditation Review Council, and International Council of Fine Arts Deans. Dr. Merrion works closely with local community arts organizations holding board memberships and collaborates on projects. Her leadership skills, background, and passion for fine arts show its vitality in education, including higher levels and communities.

Dr. Janet E. Rubin is a prominent fine arts scholar and educator specializing in performing arts, earning her Ph.D. from Ohio State. Dr. Rubin teaches Visual and Performing Arts, Humanities, and Speech at Eastern Florida State College. She has authored numerous books, articles, and grants to fund various research projects. Many of Dr. Rubin’s articles discuss how to implement drama into teaching methods about the subject. Dr. Rubin does presentations all over the world and has taught in India and Australia. She has also done extensive research on the Holocaust. Dr. Rubin formerly taught at Saginaw Valley State University in Michigan for 27 years. She has received many awards for research and teaching excellence, including the Barstow Humanities Seminar Directorship. Dr. Rubin also does international consulting on education and the performing arts. She spends her free time directing for the Surfside Playhouse in Cocoa Beach, oversees their youth theatre program, and is on their board.

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