Art, Music and Creativity

Cue Up Children’s Creativity

Music, visual arts, and theatre let children express themselves by creating something meaningful to them. These teacher guides from Green Dragon Books provide creative activities to engage children in all realms, including painting, sculpting, puppetry, and drawing and more. Teachers can have students participate in creative projects to discover new ideas and passions and invent works of their very own.

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Drama and Music: Creative Activities for Young Children by Janet Rubin and Margaret Merrion gives teachers a year-round educational guide for the classroom. Tap into children’s creativity with these activities that will help introverts and extroverts express themselves best. Students will learn drama, music, math, science, literature, and poetry. Children will also connect with others which makes learning more fun.

Music Around the World by Jessica Gates Fredricks has over 30 music lessons, worksheets, and movement activities. Engage students to dance, sing, drum, and play world music through teacher-led exercises. This educational guide uses reinforcements and follow-ups as part of the learning processes. Tailor the fun musical activities to all ages and use the worksheets to assess specific grade levels.

Children can use creative activities as an outlet to playfully escape during the school day. While assessing participation, teachers may notice a child’s artistic talent and encourage creativity exercises.

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