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Margaret Merrion

Dr. Margaret Merrion is the Dean Emerita of the College of Fine Arts at Western Michigan University. She was the Dean of Fine Arts at Ball State University in Indiana for ten years before going to Michigan. Dr. Merrion has authored numerous books and articles using her leadership and fine arts background to advance education at all levels. She received her Music Education bachelor’s degree from Chicago State University and studied management at their graduate school. Dr. Margaret Merrion earned her graduate degree and Ph.D. from the University of Missouri and OPM from Harvard.

Dr. Merrion also is an educational consultant and has served on the Higher Learning Commission, Accreditation Review Council, and International Council of Fine Arts Deans. Dr. Margaret Merrion works closely with local community arts organizations holding board memberships and collaborates on projects. Her leadership skills, background, and passion for fine arts show its vitality in education, including higher levels and communities.

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