Infants and Toddlers

Infant and Toddler Developmental Milestones

Facilitate child development skills with Green Dragon’s early learning books for infants and toddlers. Teachers and parents can gauge children’s Social-Emotional, Language, Cognitive, Creative, and Gross, and Fine Motor Skills using these guides. Start teaching young children numbers, colors, shapes, and vocabulary as an educational steppingstone. Foster early learning in infants and toddlers and help develop self-awareness that will shape their future with books from Green Dragon.

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Teaching Terrific 2’s and Other Toddlers by Terry Lynne Graham provides early learning centers another tool to help engage and educate young children. This guide offers many enjoyable activities to help toddlers learn and develop. Teachers can set primary or individual goals for children and assess their classrooms as a whole. This educational tool also has resources to include parents in their toddler’s cognitive development.

The Infant & Toddler Handbook: Invitations for Optimum Early Development by Kathryn Castle has activities in age group sequences. Use this guide in a formal or informal setting to determine children’s developmental milestones. Each activity details emerging abilities and defines the role of the parent or caregiver. Learn how to introduce toys, develop basic care routines, create activity centers, and avoid trouble areas.

Keeping children’s minds active from birth to age three helps develop movement, memory, attention, and language. Green Dragon’s infant and toddler resource books will help you teach children through activities like play, repetition, and imitation.

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