Fingerplays and Rhymes: For Always and Sometimes

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Fingerplays and Rhymes: For Always and Sometimes

Terry Lynne Graham

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The rhythm, imagery, and humorous nonsense in Fingerplays and Rhymes will delight children while teaching them numbers, colors, shapes, self-concept, feelings, and more. Terry Graham has included over 250 original rhymes in this bestseller, which will capture children’s attention and improve memory through repetitive learning. Children will continue to develop finger dexterity and hand-eye coordination as they mimic the rhymes and play.

Fingerplays and Rhymes is for parents and teachers who want to provide children a fun learning way to develop language and motor skills. Fingerplays are an age-old tradition where hand movements and spoken words or songs together enhance engagement. Fingerplays and Rhymes allow children to express themselves colorfully, which builds confidence and broadens their vocabulary. Pass along these creative educational activities to the next generation and continue this timeless and fun learning tradition.

About the Author

Terry Lynne Graham is an early childhood consultant with over 20 years of experience. She received her M.A. in Childhood Development from The University of Connecticut. She was also a preschool teacher and worked for ten years as a curriculum supervisor for Fulton County Schools in Georgia. Terry has authored several books on early education and development. Terry was an administrator at the Galloway School, a prestigious private school in Atlanta. Currently, she is the Director of Parish Early Childhood Programs at the Archdiocese of Atlanta. Graham oversees the preschool operations and develops the Pre-K curriculum that enriches children with hands-on learning. Terry continues to teach and train educators across the country in the field of early education.

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