Teddy Bears at School

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Teddy Bears at School: An Activities Handbook for Teachers of Young Children

Arlene Steen and Martha Lane

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Who doesn’t recognize a loveable teddy bear? Teddy bears, one of the most familiar toys, make young children feel comfortable in new surroundings. When children see a teddy bear in a classroom, they feel more at ease. Teddy Bears at School gives teachers over a hundred teddy bear-themed activities to implement into their curriculum.

Teddy Bears at School: An Activities Handbook for Teachers of Young Children is designed for use with young students from 4-7 years old. Children often have conversations with teddy bears, and this develops stronger language skills. Teddy bears offer a sense of well-being and help build a child’s confidence and self-esteem. Other benefits of using teddy bears as developmental tools include math, dramatization, and gross and fine motor skills.

Teachers can use Teddy Bears at School as an in-depth guide to design and maintain a learning or daycare center. If your facility has a limited budget, you will find affordable yet clever resources for administrators and teachers. Young children will enjoy the fun bear-related activities in this book, and teachers will find fresh inspiration.

About the Author

Arlene Steen received her Ph.D. from the University of Iowa. She was an early education professor at Miami University in Ohio.

Martha Lane taught Kindergarten and Head Start in Ohio.

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