Working Together


Working Together: Strategies for Involving Parents in Education

Anthony Coletta

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A child tends to flourish academically and socially if their parents play an active role in their early learning. The benefits of parental involvement extend to teachers, administrators, and the larger community. Working Together: A Guide to Parent Involvement tells the history of parent involvement. The book discusses teacher and administrator roles, and how to make an effective program for parents. Then, author Anthony Coletta offers sound strategies for implementing effective programs to get parents more involved with their child’s education.

Witnessing a breakdown in the trust between school systems and parents, Dr. Coletta wrote Working Together to provide a model for developing parent awareness groups. Parent awareness focuses on current issues that may affect children where traditional child-rearing techniques do not work. Acknowledging the impact outside factors like crime or drug use can have, parent awareness sheds light on potential threats in the community and school system.

Working Together: A Guide to Parent Involvement demonstrates effective programs that work in home environments, as well. Both teachers and parents need to work together and have home-to-school communication. Parents can plan family activities and outings at home to develop stronger bonds between the child and parent and foster growth. Parents can also work or volunteer in the schools of younger children. Helping out in the schools lets parents observe firsthand the child’s learning and quality of education. Parents can also participate in school board meetings to stay informed of curriculum and administrative decisions. Working Together: A Guide to Parent Involvement will help any parent who wants the best education for their child by showing how to achieve it.

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About the Author

Dr. Anthony Coletta is a tenured professor who teaches Elementary and Early Childhood Education at William Paterson University in New Jersey. Dr. Coletta received his M.A from Seton Hall in Educational Leadership and Ph.D. from the University of Connecticut in Education for the Gifted and Talented. He has been teaching at William Paterson for over 30 years and has actively been involved in the educational community, receiving several awards. Dr. Coletta holds numerous workshops and presentations annually. He holds parent workshops, does field orientation, and sits on several committees at William Paterson. Tony also has several professional affiliations, including NAEYC. He continues to play an active role in the field of education in the state of New Jersey.

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