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Teacher and Parent Action Guide Understanding Student Behavior A-Z

Heidi McDonald

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The Teacher and Parent Action Guide: Understanding Student Behavior from A-Z can be used through all levels of education. This action guide is for teachers, administrators, counselors, and parents to work together to address behavioral issues. Author Heidi McDonald also gives several methods to help students work through any behavioral concerns. By working together as a group with the student, everyone can better understand and develop a plan.

To effectively solve problems, the underlying causes of the behavior need to be addressed. The adults can take action and help any students with whom they have concerns. Understanding Student Behavior from A-Z sets a goal of developing well-adjusted adults.

The Teacher and Parent Action Guide goes through an array of potential problems. You may see absenteeism, bullying, cursing, gossiping, insomnia, low motivation, and self-destruction, to name a few. This guide also offers self-esteem activities, charts, scales, and mood monitoring for teachers and parents to implement. If the student has a deeper problem, getting them the right help needs to be a priority. Teacher and Parent Action Guide: Understanding Student Behavior from A-Z shows how all adults can come together and place the student first.

You can read the introduction to this book by the author, Heidi McDonald on the product page. Click the Resources and Downloads feature to view her insight on behavioral issues in education.

About the Author

Heidi McDonald, MA, has been an educator for over 30 years. She has taught general and special education and has been a school counselor. McDonald has held adjunct professor positions at two major universities teaching psychology and school counseling courses.

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  1. Jennifer

    What a great resource for parents and teachers.
    Full of useful information and so well organized. Highly recommend.

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