New Approaches to Success in the Classroom

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New Approaches to Success in the Classroom: Closing Learning Gaps

Norma Banas and I. H. Wills

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Written in 1976, New Approaches to Success in the Classroom focuses on elementary school children. Norma Banas gives approaches to closing learning gaps in students who may have excelled in preschool but struggle after kindergarten. Frustration may build in children who have trouble learning, which can have behavioral ramifications. If parents of teachers push to motivate or discipline the child, this actually inhibits the learning process.

New Approaches to Success in the Classroom shows how to address potential learning disabilities. The education system cannot devote a full investigation into each individual child’s learning gaps. The student may have perceptual or other developmental issues, which may require the help of a specialist. Banas recognizes every child and situation is unique and gives tips for parents and teachers to observe learning patterns. Identifying children’s strengths and weaknesses can help pinpoint any lags. Early intervention prevents a child from having “failure syndrome,” where they will never feel successful.

Implementing a variety of techniques, Banas has designed enjoyable and multi-sensory activities. New Approaches to Success in the Classroom provides three types of learning methods for Kindergarten through 3rd-grade students. Activities include kinesthetic use, which involves the child using their gross and fine motor skills to gain better awareness of their environment. Activities with manipulative methods have moveable materials that help aid a student’s perceptual skills. Associative approaches use a clue attached to a symbol to form a meaning. You can use this guide in small or large group settings or individually to help children work on their strengths while building confidence.

About the Author

Norma Banas, a retired educator, has taken her passion for training and now works with animals in Florida. Dr. Banas received her Ed.D. from the University of Miami and lectured and taught courses throughout her career. She has authored numerous books and journal articles on childhood education and now writes about animal husbandry. Dr. Banas also edits the Desoto County Historical Society of Florida’s newsletter. Dr. Banas still consults students and parents in regards to managing learning problems. Her passion for teaching still shows in her annual set-up of the children’s area at the Pioneer Day Fair.

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