H.E.L.P.: A Guide to Assessing Academic and Social Adjustment

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H.E.L.P. for the Adolescent A Guide to Assessing Academic and Social Adjustment

Norma Banas and I. H. Wills

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Norma Banas wrote H.E.L.P for adolescent academic and social adjustment. The book looks at learning difficulties and how to identify them in students. In the late ’70s, attending college was highly esteemed. This book gives resources to help any “underachievers.” The goal was to give every student a chance to find a career instead of working a mediocre job their entire life. These students may be labeled immature, lazy, or unmotivated.

Observing some behaviors and accomplishments, a teacher can recognize learning disabilities. After identifying issues, educators can work on academic and social adjustment. Some students may hold vibrant conversations but fail when taking a test or struggle reading. Students may have poor writing and spelling skills and fluctuations in performance. H.E.L.P serves as a resource guide to notice a poor attention span or adolescents’ disinterest. Banas also discusses looking for balance and hand-eye coordination lags. If a student shows avoidance and seems accident prone, these traits indicate learning difficulties. This guide can also help with special education students or those with behavioral problems.

H.E.L.P.: A Guide to Assessing Academic and Social Adjustment promotes different teaching approaches. Identifying developmental lags and learning disabilities gives teachers awareness of adolescents’ different learning patterns. The student may not flourish due to traditional teaching methods. By addressing the weaknesses and adjusting approaches can open up learning pathways or “learning strengths.” Trying new teaching methods can improve attention span and retention of information to lead to student success.

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About the Author

Norma Banas, a retired educator, has taken her passion for training and now works with animals in Florida. Dr. Banas received her Ed.D. from the University of Miami and lectured and taught courses throughout her career. She has authored numerous books and journal articles on childhood education and now writes about animal husbandry. Dr. Banas also edits the Desoto County Historical Society of Florida’s newsletter. Dr. Banas still consults students and parents in regards to managing learning problems. Her passion for teaching still shows in her annual set-up of the children’s area at the Pioneer Day Fair.

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