Teaching Terrific Four’s

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Teaching Terrific Four’s and Other Children

Analynn Jones-Sample, Carol Crownover, and Elizabeth M. Jones

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Before you know it, four-year-olds, full of wonder, will be starting Kindergarten, and Teaching Terrific Four’s sets children up for academic success. At age four, children love to explore, and with the proper nurturing environment, they will thrive. In typical preschool or nursery school classes, four-year-olds will likely have different developmental levels. This guide has activities for the teacher to accommodate all children’s skill sets and needs.

Teaching Terrific Four’s will assist early childhood educators in implementing literacy and other cognitive developmental skills. This book also has developmentally appropriate activities for cognitive, social/emotional, and fine and gross motor skills. Homeschool and preschool teachers can gauge lessons based on existing skills to promote children to higher levels of development.

Research shows that the age of four can perhaps be the most crucial year in a child’s life. Teaching Terrific Four’s understands the focus of school readiness and preparing for Kindergarten. The activities have proven effective to children’s success in learning centers that hundreds have integrated this guide into their curriculums. Teachers will enjoy seeing the delight in young four-year-old learners as they embark on this wondrous stage of development. We also offer a teacher’s resource guide for Fives.

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About the Author

Dr. AnaLyn Jones Sample is an educator in Florida. She has been a teacher, assistant principal, and Pre-K coordinator for a large school district.

Carol Crownover has been an early childhood educator for over 30 years specializing in Pre-K and Kindergarten.

Elizabeth M. Jones has dedicated her entire teaching career to education special needs students along with preschool and kindergarten children.

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