Competencies: A Self-Study Guide to the CDA Credential

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Competencies: A Self-Study Guide to Teaching Competencies in Early Childhood Education

Mary Kasindorf

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Those who work in early childhood education should be aware of what constitutes an excellent and competent program. Competencies: A Self-Study Guide to Teaching Competencies in Early Childhood Education features basic expectations. Any individual working in early childhood education should hold themselves to have these core competencies. As you work through the learning activities, developing curriculum materials, bibliographies, observational records, etc., you will be developing materials that you can use when assembling your portfolio and documenting your competence for the CDA credential.

Competencies has six divided areas and 13 functional areas identified by the CDA National Credentialing Program. This resource guide helps center-based teachers focus on the needs of children’s education and learning experience. CDAs will get to develop their own materials to include in the portfolio they assemble. Competencies allows CDAs to document their skills to receive their proper credentials. You can also use this tool to self-study and train, along with reading resources and activities. Competencies has activities teachers can record and utilize to determine your strong-suited areas. This handbook also lets you assess areas where you feel you function effectively and other aspects that you may want to change or improve upon. This guide is invaluable for CDA credentials and provides an overlook and self-assessment. Delivering an effective early childhood education program benefits the CDA candidate, teachers, and most importantly, the students.

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Mary Eitingon Kasindorf received her master's degree from Columbia University. She was an early childhood educator and administrator.

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  1. Pedro Mayoral (verified owner)

    Excellent product, very useful for my classes as I am a university-level professor with various subjects.
    Its contents are clear, and the digital version is super useful because you can read it right in a font size that is easier to suit your needs.

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