Toddlers Learn by Doing

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Toddlers Learn by Doing: Toddler Activities and Parent/Teacher Activity Log

Rita Schrank

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Let young children explore, learn, and do things to facilitate their development and curiosity. Toddlers Learn by Doing gives teachers and parents activities to build cognitive foundations. This book implements techniques commonly seen in Montessori learning. The toddler stage sees rapid growth, and this guide will provide children with a broad base before starting preschool. The activities in this guide will enhance the learning experience as they tap into the enthusiasm of toddlers.

Toddlers Learn by Doing has activities that include active and quiet play. Along with the Montessori learning, Schrank introduces Partnership Learning or PL. Teachers and parents can implement the teamwork strategy into toddlers’ learning stages. The activities facilitate five-sense simulation, language enhancement, concept development, and fostering independence. Toddlers will get to play games, make crafts, and even help in the kitchen!

Parents and teachers can implement this guide to stay ahead of toddlers’ short attention span and boundless energy. Toddlers Learn by Doing also has areas to take notes and observations by listing what activities had success and which did not. Parents and teachers can try to introduce the activities with new methods or at a different time during the day. The three R’s of Repetition, Reinforcement, and Review in this book make learning fun because toddlers love routines. As you teach toddlers early on, they will become more independent and strengthen their social skills. Parents and teachers will also have fun do with the interactive activities and observing these young learners. Schrank also used Montessori methods in her book, Science, Math, and Nutrition for Toddlers.

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Rita Schrank is an early childhood educator specializing in infants' and toddlers' learning and development. She was involved in the IDEA program, which represents Infant Development through Enriching Activities at home.

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