Homespun Curriculum

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Homespun Curriculum: A Developmentally Appropriate Activities Guide

Denise Theobald

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Expand learning processes in creative ways with Homespun Curriculum. This resource guide includes a wide range of developmentally appropriate activities for use by parents, learning centers, or teachers. Parents can spend quality time with their children, and educators can learn new and exciting approaches that increase engagement.

Denise Theobald takes each subject and activity by age group, then adds developmentally appropriate adaptations. Homespun Curriculum provides positive learning experiences for infants, toddlers, and school-aged children. This resource book will help you reinforce and enhance creative skills with music, drama, play, games, and arts and crafts. Other activities include reading, math, science, social studies, and nutrition.

Teachers and administrators can find detailed instructions on organizing their classrooms into learning stations integrated around particular themes, lesson planning, time management, and much more. Homespun Curriculum also assists with scheduling and setting up individual developmental goals for each child. This massive resource guide will answer all possible questions, objectives, and needs.

About the Author

Even as a young child, Denise realized the value of teaching and learning as she would “play school” with her sister. She attended the University of Northern Colorado receiving a B.S. and Master’s Degree in Early Education. She taught kindergarten for many years, and her love of teaching led to additional involvement in summer programs. She has also operated and owned a daycare/preschool. Denise is also a talented artist and is involved in many art leagues, shows, and competitions. She sells her art along with continuing her deep-rooted passion of giving every child the opportunity to learn.

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