Before and After School Activities

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Before and After School Activities: Managing Your Before and After Programs

Denise Theobald

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With cellphones, tablets, and video games, children who are “connected” can actually become disconnected. Overuse of technology may negatively impact social skills and personal growth. Before and After School Activities, by Denise Theobald, offers creative ideas and planning materials for parents or child care centers. This resource guide is excellent for parents who homeschool and those who do not.

Adults can implement this activity book for all school-aged children to meet their needs and let them have fun. Since schedules vary, the activities have been developed into time frames, including times to eat. Parents can use Before and After School Activities to grow closer to their children and raise awareness of potential difficulties. This guide also encourages younger and older children to engage in activities together if time allows it. Activities are broken down into increments by the minutes available. The resource guide also accounts for holidays and summers off.

Structured activities in the morning and evening offer many benefits to children. Studies show that programs improve peer relations, emotional stability, grades, and behavior. Participating in group activities during off-school hours enhances conflict resolution skills and cooperation. Before and After School Activities can be designed based on children’s interests and provides lists of ideas. By having your child engage in unique and thoughtfully planned projects, they will have more learning opportunities. Daily activities without electronic devices will also help children develop an appreciation for authentic life experiences.

Parents, including those who homeschool, can view the Table of Contents for this resource guide. You can find the content on the product page in the Resources and Downloads feature.

About the Author

Even as a young child, Denise realized the value of teaching and learning as she would “play school” with her sister. She attended the University of Northern Colorado receiving a B.S. and Master’s Degree in Early Education. She taught kindergarten for many years, and her love of teaching led to additional involvement in summer programs. She has also operated and owned a daycare/preschool. Denise is also a talented artist and is involved in many art leagues, shows, and competitions. She sells her art along with continuing her deep-rooted passion of giving every child the opportunity to learn.

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