Organizing Parent Groups

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Organizing Parent Groups: A Structured Approach to Parent Involvement

Gary B. Wilson

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A key component in children’s academic success is parent involvement. Organizing Parent Groups gives practical tips for adults to get more involved in the education system. This book provides a structured approach for anyone who wants to form or strengthen a parent group.

Gary B. Wilson, an organizational development expert, shows how to get parents more active in the schools. Organizing Parent Groups shows coordinators how to make participation meaningful and what the groups can do.

Whether you are trying to start a brand new program or revitalize an old one, this book provides successful methods to Organizing Parent Groups. Gary B. Wilson gives insight into parent sub-committees, working with facility directors and staff members. Green Dragon spent years studying childhood development and education. Wilson brings the years of research together in a culmination in this valuable guide.

About the Author

Gary B. Wilson has expertise in organizational development, leadership, and early childhood development. Mr. Wilson’s career includes the early implementation of the national Head Start Program, researching the program’s effectiveness, and working with Native American communities to establish early education programs. He has a deeply held belief that every child deserves opportunities to succeed. His research projects include assessing childhood development, parent involvement, and group organization in schools and the community. With his vast experience in writing research studies and leadership skills, Wilson founded the publishing company Humanics in 1969, now known as Green Dragon Books. The company focused on educational materials for both children and adults. Wilson publishes self-help, spirituality, personal growth, and other genres of books. He firmly believes that humans can reach their full potential and that constant learning will enrich your life. Through Green Dragon Books, Wilson gives “indie” authors an opportunity to enter the literary world. He encourages others to share original thoughts and knowledge in their respective fields. Mr. Wilson has an MBA in Organizational Development from the University of Pittsburgh, an MA in Management from WVU, and an OPM from Harvard University. His professional career also includes working on research at Stanford and Yale University. Mr. Wilson enjoys photography, nature, his dogs, and encouraging others to reach their aspirations in his spare time. His current writing project is tentatively titled “Leave No Trace: How to Not Leave Behind a Digital Imprint,” look for it this winter!

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