Parent Involvement

Parent’s Role in Childhood Development and Education

Parent involvement plays a large part in childhood development and early education. As you unleash your child’s full potential, you will build stronger family ties. Parents can gain insight and learn strategies for educational involvement. With these books, you can learn about family dynamics and how to enrich the parent-child relationship. The guides also have self-esteem-building activities, child-rearing techniques, and much more!

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Teacher’s Guide to Community Organization: Strategies for Parents, Teachers, and Community Groups to Improve the Schools by Gary B. Wilson offers essential information on organizing educational change. The book provides group-building strategies to make positive changes in the community. Using these recommendations you can form a group of parents, teachers, and others in the community to drive change by putting the students first. Use this guide in any environment to work together to make the world a better place.

A Primer on Adlerian Psychology by Dr. Alex L. Chew. Ed.D. has applications and tools for counselors, teachers, therapists, and parents to better understand and communicate with young children. Alfred Adler focused on child psychology and personality development. Dr. Chew explains Adler’s views on children’s behavioral patterns, punishment vs. logical consequences, and early personality development. Adler’s innovative childhood perceptions remain relevant today.

Raising children is extremely rewarding and often challenging. Having resources to understand early development benefits you and your child. Green Dragon’s guides help you determine environments where they thrive, which sets them up for success.

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