Tap Into Your Creative Senses

Everyone possesses creativity but may not see it or feel it. Explore new ideas, find your inner free spirit, and go on an adventure with Green Dragon’s personal development books. Channel creative senses to achieve flexibility and bring your thoughts to life. Embrace and cultivate intuitive traits to uncover and build your creative identity. Inspire others with your gift of talent throughout the journey of life. Use these tools to discover new ideas and work on self-improvement. If you teach or want to learn how to be more expressive, we offer insightful guides. Bring new ideas to fruition calmly, and with intent and purpose.

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Many people find it challenging to see their natural creative potential because of comparisons to others or someone not believing in them. Playful Mind: Bringing Creativity to Life by James Downton will foster imagination and inspire you to pursue ideas and goals by shifting thoughts. Without creativity, life becomes lackluster and unoriginal. This inspirational work helps build professional and personal development by cultivating your inner talent.

For designers and graphic artists, books by author Carl Garant are sure to spark fresh motivation. The Tao of Design implements ancient philosophy into relaxation and pacing yourself. The Designers Book of Change defines and shows the correlation between change and design and their purpose.

The Creative Tao by Pamela Metz will stir your innate potential from within, transforming creativity into art, and bringing it to life.

Life becomes more fulfilling and purposeful when you approach situations using creative senses. Green Dragon believes in the power of knowledge and seeking out original thought on a global scale. Start your creative journey with us!

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