The Tao of Design


The Tao of Design

Carl Garant

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Creativity in design carries one to an intuitive edge. The Tao of Design puts the complex process into a spiritual perspective. Adapted from the ancient book, The Tao Te Ching, author Carl Garant shows how design has symbolism. Every design has meaning and leaves an openness to interpretation and reactions. All designs hold different mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual meanings unique to everyone. 

The Tao of Design lets you relax and pace yourself.  Through reflection, you will draw upon your inner resources and potential. As you free up pressure from external forces, your creativity will flourish. Once you tap into your creative spirit, ideas will flow through you, transforming into creative designs.

Creativity and content have character and will have different understandings to different people. A design may get recognition and appreciation, but even the artist sometimes can not define the symbol. The Tao of Design will open up your conscious and subconscious abilities to create as you find inspiration.

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Editorial Reviews:

“Carl Garant relentlessly challenges us, like a Philip Glass musical score, to pursue meaning and purpose in design and nature; each page reveals a single facet of the whole, which is life itself.” Edward J. Zagorski, Professor Emeritus

About the Author

Carl Garant was born and raised in Chicago. He received Industrial Design BFA and MFA degrees from the University of Illinois, Urbana. Garant began teaching as a Professor Emeritus at the Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus, Ohio. He then became the Dean of Industrial and Interior Design at the college. He has taught, written, traveled, and had many speaking engagements discussing design and the design process throughout his tenure. Garant believes that design is fundamental to consciousness, archetypal in context, and the underlying language of change and transformation. He has won many design and community service awards. In 1994 he was invited as a delegate to visit and lecture in China as part of the People to People program. This invitation was China’s first to American industrial designers supporting China’s new “open-door policy.”

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