The Tao of Learning

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The Tao of Learning: Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching Adapted for a New Age

Pamela Metz

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Knowledge is power, and author Pamela Metz takes you on a journey well beyond the learning curve in this book. Not only does The Tao of Learning focus on the student, but it also showcases the teacher. This adaptation of the Tao Te Ching discusses phases of intellectual growth and how to attain and retain knowledge.

This book shows you how to express, receive, and consider knowledge. The Tao provides ancient wisdom, and Metz adapts it to the learning process. This timeless guide addresses the essential roles of teaching and learning with profound insight. The Tao of Learning means how things happen through experience.

Some teaching methods include hands-on, visual, or oral, and their effects differ among individuals. The Tao of Learning offers a non-traditional view of various teaching methods and understanding concepts. Metz, through Taoism, seeks to inspire and nurture both students and teachers in this spiritual book. Acquiring knowledge goes hand-in-hand with life and does not always take place in a traditional classroom. The Tao of Learning has the insight to stir up awareness and see experiences that have opportunity and wisdom.

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Editorial Reviews:

Straight to the heart of learning and teaching, revealing in ways not possible in more traditional writing. If you’ve touched a life through your teaching, you will see the truth in this book.” Dr. Richard Kroc, Administrator, University of Arizona

About the Author

Pamela Metz lives in Denver, Colorado, where she served as Associate Professor Emeritus at the University of Denver and the associate dean of academic and student affairs for the Graduate School of Social Work. She holds degrees in education and social work from the Illinois State University, the University of Denver, and the University of Colorado. Pam’s 30-year teaching career spans university settings, public and private schools, and the innovative University Without Walls. She has worked as an elementary teacher, hospice social worker, and educational administrator. On all of her paths of life, the wisdom of the Tao has been her guide. She follows the principles of letting go, following natural cycles, and trusting the processes.

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  1. Bruce T. Smith

    Four Stars
    Great short paragraph to guide teaching.

  2. Ivette Thillet

    Excellent Book
    I like everything from this book, one thing that I always thought is that I always teach the wrong way but reading this book help me to clear my thought of teaching. Thank You. I will recommend this book love it! 🙂

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