In Search of the Real Me: Achieving Personal Balance

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In Search of the Real Me: Achieving Personal Balance

David J. French

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If you feel a bit lost, you can achieve realistic self-healing with a technique by Dr. David French‘s “Search for Personal Balance.” Dr. French’s methods aid in reducing stress by identifying and eliminating the internal and external sources. In Search of the Real Me helps you find your true self as you go on the quest and learn Dr. French’s effective technique.

In Search of the Real Me has exercises to help you work to cure illnesses with emotional components. The book will also assist parents in further understanding the psychological development of their children and gives insight into raising them. Dr. French has you open up to experience and face the pleasure and pain from the past. As you read and start to work on yourself by looking at your life, you will begin to achieve “Personal Balance.”

For those who feel like they need more intimacy or something more out of life, In Search of the Real Me helps you respond better to stressors in your life. A lot of times, people mask their true identity and live with a false self. Dr. French offers solutions for this conflict of identities and helps readers attain a sense of balance within. As you work through taking off your mask, you will see and be a light in life.

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Editorial Reviews:

“For those who seek to know themselves or to assist others along the path of that great quest, this book provides an introduction to a technique which Dr. French calls Search for Personal Balance to aid in the process. Dr. French invites the reader to experience, with a sense of openness to new possibilities of pleasure and pain, the world on the other side….he sets traditional jargon aside as he endeavors to use the language of everyday personal experience.” David S. Ruderman, M.D. Associate Clinical Professor Psychiatry, UCLA School of Medicine

About the Author

Dr. David French, a Psychologist, Marriage, and Family Therapist, has been in private practice for over 40 years. Dr. French specializes in stress management and burnout prevention in his Whitter, California, practice. Dr. French’s methodology involves self-awareness, and he has invented “Personal Balance Therapy™.” This therapy has been a very successful outpatient program by tapping into awareness to restore patients’ minds. Dr. French not only provides therapy services but offers consulting services to corporations. He studies company cultures and provides motivational and behavior training to clients. Dr. French also gives lectures across the country, evaluates police officers, and holds life-coach and awareness training seminars.

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  1. Raquel L.

    Excellent Book
    Highly recommend.

  2. Henrietta Garcia

    I love this book. Dr. French is a kind and caring person. He helped me a lot. I had the opportunity to meet him. He was my Psychiatrist.

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