The Only Moment There Is: Living in the Here and Now

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The Only Moment There Is Living in the Here and Now

Dr. David J. French

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Living in the “here and now” has become so difficult for so many people. The Only Moment There Is examines how, as children, we live in the present moment. Not worrying about tomorrow or holding onto past pain, things that may hold us back as adults. Dr. David French explains how we can live life in a state where we love, trust, and connect.

Our past sufferings alter how we live, and we take measures to protect ourselves from being hurt again. Past experiences establish future triggers that affect our mental health and how we react to things in the present. Dr. French provides tips to help you change your typical responses and return to a more “childlike” state of living in the “now.” The Only Moment There Is will enable you to understand how the subconscious shapes and anticipates future outcomes.

We all want results where we are more loving, spontaneous, trusting, and connected. Dr. French takes you on a journey in this “workbook” to become more aware and present. Over 40 delicately crafted original illustrations are included to stimulate your mind and creativity. There is no “correct” way to proceed. Do what inspires you – color a little or a lot, use shading, white space, and other techniques to create your masterpiece. Remember, coloring isn’t just for kids!

About the Author

Dr. David French, a Psychologist, Marriage, and Family Therapist, has been in private practice for over 40 years. Dr. French specializes in stress management and burnout prevention in his Whitter, California, practice. Dr. French’s methodology involves self-awareness, and he has invented “Personal Balance Therapy™.” This therapy has been a very successful outpatient program by tapping into awareness to restore patients’ minds. Dr. French not only provides therapy services but offers consulting services to corporations. He studies company cultures and provides motivational and behavior training to clients. Dr. French also gives lectures across the country, evaluates police officers, and holds life-coach and awareness training seminars.

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    Real thought provoking. HELPFUL. This book is powerful. I love the messages, quotes, activities THANKS. A highlight is the adult coloring book. It’s FUN AND HELPFUL. With GRATITUDE.

  2. Gabriel James Perez

    I have read all of Dr. French’s books.
    I have read all of Dr. French’s books, he is incredible at conveying his thoughts. This book has changed my life! It is a must read if you truly want to understand they way you think and why you feel cretin things!

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