The Tao of Management

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The Tao of Management: An Age Old Study for New Age Managers

Bob Messing

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Messing presents a time-tested framework to improve self-awareness in The Tao of Management. This practical book takes you beyond the basics of being a boss by helping you understand your environment and skills. Through development and learning, managers gain insight and can influence their team.

By following the Tao, or the “Way,” managers will see improved results professionally, and satisfaction will follow personally. Messing also looks at the I Ching in this guide for professional development.

The Tao of Management enables one to tap into their inner resources and unlock possibilities, regardless of setting. The path to successful management skills lies within the leader. As a manager attains wisdom and knowledge, the results become real success and accomplishments. Having harmony amongst the team enhances productivity and effectiveness.

Messing recognizes that management has obstacles. The Tao of Management gives readers a humble approach on how to overcome struggles and be more effective. As managers hone their skills to become stronger leaders, they will soon enjoy all life has to offer. This professional development book takes a different approach than other guides.

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Editorial Reviews:

“A manager’s real encounter with the I Ching.” Will Schultz

About the Author

Bob Messing was a seasoned executive who graduated from Princeton with a sociology degree and received his OPM from Harvard. He was a businessman and had many ventures throughout his career. Messing was the owner, chairman, and CEO of Mitchell Bradford Inc., a chemical company, in Milford, Connecticut. He was also the Director of the Power and Systems Institute in Boston and on the board of Humanics Publishing Group in Atlanta, in which he also founded the Delta Training Institute. Messing was a founding advisory board member of the Rutgers Professional Psychology Graduate School. During his time in New Jersey, he was the President of Occidental Petroleum. After his retirement, he moved to Florida and passed away in 1990. He is remembered for his positive attitude and wittiness

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  1. bubbapug

    The Tao is an embodiment of the practical age-old experience and sage common sense. I personally used the lessons contained in this book to build a ten-million-dollar company. A common misconception is business is about products when business is more about people, and their needs, desires, and fears. If money is your only goal, perhaps this book is not for you. However, if you feel the challenge of management is an opportunity to broaden your life experience the Tao of Management can help you realize your goals with insights very relevant today. The Tao is about working with the natural potential we all have but sometimes forget during the normal everyday grind. You will be surprised by how definitive it is in handling the most common problems you will face on a day-to-day basis.

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