The Tao of Recovery

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The Tao of Recovery: A Quiet Path to Wellness

Jim McGregor

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The Tao of Recovery: Quiet Path to Wellness is for anyone trying to heal from past traumatic experiences. The word “recovery” is often linked to drug addiction or alcoholism. In truth, it can mean any dysfunctional way of life. This book for recovery can help anyone going through the healing process.

“Tao” means “path,” and Jim McGregor turned to Taoism during his own recovery. This publication is the author’s response to Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching or “Book of the Way.” Therefore, this is a spiritual guide to begin your journey to recovery. Anyone seeking a path to wellness, mentally, can turn to this book by McGregor.

Recovering from addiction or loss is really uncovering what you have hidden. Jim McGregor helps shine a light into the dark recesses of the psyche to discover the beauty within. These wise words are written for anyone in recovery and those affected by an addict. Those who also need to heal may include friends, family, and professional colleagues.

The Tao of Recovery guides one to reclaim their self-esteem, heal, and take a healthy place in society. The author’s words reflect his courage in recovery. Jim McGregor gets you to see the truth of how beautiful it is to be alive.

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Editorial Reviews:

The Tao of Recovery… selected as one of twelve best of the universe of 1,000 ‘recovery’ books available.” New Age Retailer

About the Author

Jim McGregor was born in Canada and early on in his life worked on family-owned Angus cattle farms in New York State and the Eastern Shore of Maryland. He received a degree in Animal Husbandry from the University of Maryland. Jim served in World War II as a lead bomber pilot. He received four Distinguished Flying Cross decorations and a Presidential Unit Citation for his air group’s role in the raid on Gotha, Germany. In 1960, he founded McGregor-Vantress, a national cattle breeding corporation. After the company dissolved, he worked in the financial industry in Atlanta. He was a very active member of Al-Anon and wrote numerous books. In 1988, Jim and his wife, Phyllis, founded Willeo Publishing. They wanted to distribute his content to recovery networks and facilities, including the Betty Ford Center. Jim retired in 1996 to Brentwood, TN, continued to write and participated in local writing groups.

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  1. Reverend Bill McDonald Jr.

    A Classic Spiritual Book
    I first read this book with a different book cover back in 1992 (14 years ago) it is still as fresh and enlightening today. It is written almost like Zen prose that flows from the author’s heart and head. A great book for those recovering from whatever – it is profound, compassionate, full of loving acceptance and peace. (It is also a good book even if you are not recovering from anything.) The book will lead you to inner peace with yourself; or at least.

  2. Ronald E. Armstrong

    The Tao of Recovery
    This book was very helpful for my son who was depressed after losing his job.

  3. Ed R.

    This Book Goes hand in hand with any twelve-step program.
    Anyone with an open mind and a willingness to understand how Taoism is not a contradiction to any spiritual belief, but in accordance with it will find this book helpful in their recovery.

  4. Timothy Byrnes

    Very Nice Reflection on Recovery from the Perspective of the Tao.
    A series of short verses available that merge the principles of the program with Taoist principles. A good companion to people looking for a spiritual but not religious approach.

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