Jim McGregor photo

Jim McGregor

Jim McGregor was born in Canada and early on in his life worked on family-owned Angus cattle farms in New York State and the Eastern Shore of Maryland. He received a degree in Animal Husbandry from the University of Maryland. Jim served in World War II as a lead bomber pilot. He received four Distinguished Flying Cross decorations and a Presidential Unit Citation for his air group’s role in the raid on Gotha, Germany.

In 1960, he founded McGregor-Vantress, a national cattle breeding corporation. After the company dissolved, he worked in the financial industry in Atlanta. He was a very active member of Al-Anon and wrote numerous books. In 1988, Jim and his wife, Phyllis, founded Willeo Publishing. They wanted to distribute his content to recovery networks and facilities, including the Betty Ford Center. Jim retired in 1996 to Brentwood, TN, continued to write, and participated in local writing groups.

The Tao of Recovery