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The saying, “go with the flow,” is a principle of Taoism, an ancient Chinese philosophy founded by Lao Tzu. This life view includes living with simplicity, patience, and compassion, is sometimes challenging to do, and needs practice. Taoism encourages a life in harmony with nature and learning to let go. Lao Tzu authored the notable Tao Te Ching, meaning “The Book of How Things Happen.” Taoism has many applications to modern-day life, and by following the Tao, one can live a more harmonious and spiritual life.

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A welcoming introduction to the original Tao te Ching can be found in Tao Te Ching Backward: Down the Path. Author Jerry Dalton has translated the Tao Te Ching then provides practical explanations, paraphrases, and his interpretation of the verses. The book also has Thought and Action exercises and a list of related readings to expand one’s knowledge of Taoism. For anyone who wants to begin their journey on “the way” or gain more insight into life, we have a book for you.

Green Dragon Books has over a dozen adaptations of the Tao te Ching to particular aspects of life providing different perspectives, calming spirituality, balance, and insight. In 1985, the iconic Tao of Leadership author John Heider adapted the Tao Te Ching to apply to leadership. Nearly 40 years later, this highly esteemed book continues to be widely read. Ray Grigg, a Taoist scholar, authored several adaptations of the Tao Te Ching. His Tao of Sailing is an insightful book for anyone who loves the water or feels there’s more to life than just going through the motions. Grigg uses the sea, wind, water, and shore as metaphors for sailing through life’s journeys during calm and turbulent times.

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