The Woo Way: A New Way of Living and Being

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The Woo Way Table of ContentsThe Woo Way: A New Way of Living and Being

James Downton

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The Life Gardening Project, by James Downton, helps people cultivate change in themselves and their lives. Those seeking personal development often want a new way of living and being. Some may turn to spirituality like Taoism. This book has roots in the ancient Taoist principle, “Wu Wei,” which means living in harmony. Downton playfully adapts the words into the title, “The Woo Way.” This guide gives you tools to develop learning processes that will enhance your life.

James Downton spent years developing and teaching the principles of The Woo Way. His lessons give methods into a new way of living and being. Downton taught the link between spirituality and self-improvement, while at the University of Colorado in Boulder. He also showed how to work on self-development and the “Wu Wei” in community workshops. An experiential journey, The Woo Way, opens greater access to personal freedom, which leads to more balance and wholeness. You replace automatic negative patterns with conscious decisions. As you grow, personal suffering and stress significantly decrease. You will begin to feel prolonged happiness and contentment, along with wisdom expanding. Downton’s work transforms minds and lives. He wrote about his story of becoming a “Wu Wei” master in Blooming.

Nothing worth having comes easy. So, like digging the soil to plant a garden, the growth takes work and effort. By cultivating new thinking and behaviors, you eventually see life differently. Instead of struggling, it becomes easier and more fun. As you continue to nourish yourself with ease and playfulness, you master the “Wu Wei.”

Reduce the burden on mind and watch feet do little dance.”

About the Author

James Downton, an award-winning professor, has written numerous academic and self-help books. He retired from the University of Colorado, Boulder, after teaching for 39 years. His life purpose is to help people increase their happiness, creativity, and wisdom while also doing those things for himself. His creative approaches to teaching won him multiple awards for teaching excellence. Downton incorporated these philosophies into his mentorship of students and workshops for faculty and graduate students. Downton has also taught courses in sociology, personal development, and creativity. Today, James lives in Boulder, Colorado, with his wife and loves being a husband, father, and grandfather. He is an avid squash and tennis player and also an artist. He has an art studio where he paints and sculpts. His life revolves around wholeness and creativity, cultivating wisdom, inner peace, happiness, and an easier way to live.

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