The Way of Virtue: An Ancient Wisdom of Confucius

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The Way of Virtue: The Ancient Wisdom of Confucius Adapted for a New Age

James Vollbracht

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Confucius’ profound and lasting effect on ancient Chinese culture and philosophy still holds value today across the hemispheres. His often misunderstood teachings retain a top position amongst the world’s most influential spiritual works. The Way of Virtue provides well-needed advice applicable to today when facing adversity. Author James Vollbracht delivers reverence, peaceful serenity, and inner strength in this profound work.

The Way of Virtue: The Ancient Wisdom of Confucius Adapted for  New Age features several teachings from Confucius. The book shows that he believed virtue of being “the most powerful force in the universe.” James Vollbracht shows that as people acquire virtue, they can transform themselves and have the strength to move others spiritually. Each lesson of Confucius’ has brief background information and teachings. The book is illustrated with ancient art depicting Confucius’ life.

James Vollbracht offers lessons on seeing the unique power each individual has to change the world. The Way of Virtue teaches how to live a more spiritual daily life by following a path set forth from Confucius’ philosophies. Through these lessons, the power of music, and self-discovery, Vollbracht believes that everyone can cultivate virtue within their souls. Anyone seeking spirituality, healing, or wanting to make a difference can benefit from reading The Way of Virtue.

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Editorial Reviews:

“The most important work I have read, which has given me a clear understanding of Confucian thought.” Alan X. Wang, East-West Center

About the Author

James Vollbracht is an author, educational keynote speaker, and trainer who believes in creating a caring culture for children. He spent over 30 years teaching and working with schools, communities, and non-profit organizations across North America. He now trains others through his organizations on how to make a positive impact on children. James has written five books and continues to develop new ideas to make the world a better place. One of his popular books is Stopping at Every Lemonade Stand: How to Create a Culture That Cares for Kids, published by Penguin Group. James has a B.A. in Education from the University of Washington Seattle. He earned his M.A. in human development from St. Mary’s University in Minnesota. James currently resides in Tucson, AZ, and contributes to bettering the future of children’s lives.

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  1. RA

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  2. Cassandra Barnes

    The Way of Virtue
    James Vollbracht offers a selection of the teachings of Confucius in The Way of Virtue: An Ancient Remedy to Heal the Modern Soul. Vollbracht says that Confucius was “one of the most remarkable individuals to walk this earth.” Reducing the philosophy of Confucius to clever fortune-cookie type of sayings is a serious loss of wisdom. Vollbracht, a leadership and personal development trainer, says that the teachings of Confucius, “when examined seriously, are recognized as profound expressions of the human spirit. The universality of his message, when understood in the context of his lessons, can yield infinite satisfaction, both personal and national, to those who endeavor to follow his path.” Confucius lived and taught in China more than 2500 years ago, during a time of repressive political regimes, heavy taxation, and near-rebellion from the masses. He believed that virtue was “the most powerful force in the universe.” If people acquired virtue, then they could reform their families, their communities, their nation, and eventually the world.

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