Lion Taming: On Being a Visionary Leader

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Lion Taming on Being a Visionary Leader

Don L. Johnson

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Your adventure with Lion Taming gives you means for providing yourself and your enterprise with a sense of “Who we are” (Foundations), “Who we are becoming” (Vision), and clarity about “What we are on the planet to do” (Mission).

Businesses face complex and dynamic market forces with competition at every turn. Young companies often fail due to leaders lacking discipline. Lion Taming uses the metaphor of young lions, eager, energetic, yet undisciplined. Whereas older lions, wiser, think things through and then act with intent. After some success, “young lions or unseasoned leaders” may unconsciously act because they fear the unknown or feel insecure. Such leaders need “taming” to settle into conscious leadership and recognize and build a foundation.

As leaders develop their clear vision for the future, they can expand this vision into the company’s mission. A vision and mission will inspire loyalty and trust from those they lead. By being consistent with actions and accountability, a leader will reinforce commitment that benefits all stakeholders.

Lion Taming will help you focus on these crucial strategic areas as Don Johnson showcases real-life examples of leaders with different backgrounds. Whether you are a leader or aspire to be one, Lion Taming will give you the tools to succeed and lead the pack.

About the Author

Don L. Johnson is an Organizational Development consultant and speaker. He attended Bethel College in St. Paul, MN, where he received his B.A. and M.A. in secondary education. Don also has a Theology Degree from Bethel Theological Seminary. Later, he founded Don L. Johnson Enterprises, consulting for a wide variety of business interests and speaking at private and trade group events. Don’s writing showcases his expertise in developing Corporate Vision, Strategic Planning, Delegation, and Time Management. Now retired, Don left Minnesota to move with his wife Pam to a 19th-century farmhouse. He enjoys his “Empire of Peace” and reflecting on his Quaker world views. Don loves spending time with his children, step-children, and grandchildren.

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  1. Debbie L.

    Business Sense
    Mr. Johnson has written an interesting book dealing with leadership issues. He mixes in personal anecdotes to illustrate points he is making. His writing style is one that isn’t overly preachy, yet is sincere. This book works for leaders as well as folks who are followers. I’d recommend it highly!

  2. Janice Feinberg

    Great reading for leaders and those who aspire to be…
    Don Johnson does an excellent job of describing the personalities and leadership influences of the individuals in his book. Don is also very sensitive to the interests of his audience and the experiences of the leaders he describes in his book. I recommend this to all who hope to have an influence in this lifetime.

  3. Bob Nechal

    Life experiences-life learning
    A great learning insight for me was that I could take previous successes (seemingly unrelated) from different points in my life (broken into four quadrants)and use these successes as positive building blocks for going forward. Many times we do not truly know what resources and skills we have. The process the author walked me through was a great way to access some of those talents.

  4. Ckdv

    Leadership not just by the numbers
    LION TAMING is a refreshingly practical, pragmatic business book. Don Johnson’s mix of mini-case studies, personal anecdotes and actionable “bullet point” ideas is delivered in a casual, conversational style that proves to be as thought provoking as it is entertaining. LION TAMING is a welcome change from so many business management books that look at leadership from a purely bottom line/shareholder value perspective. Johnson’s message is crystal clear: business leaders must define and embrace their own life vision before they can win lasting support for their company’s vision and mission. LION TAMING provides a basic outline for establishing inner value-based leadership, which should make it required reading in boardrooms and executive office suites across post-Enron America.

  5. David Woolley

    A unique and necessary perspective
    Most books about business never stop to ask the question “why are you in business at all?” The unquestioned assumption is that you want to make money. Well, duh. We all do, of course. But there are countless ways to make money, and some paths you can follow have a heart, while others do not. This book takes us back a step and asks us to examine who we are, what we want out of life, what kind of person we want to be. From that personal vision, everything else should flow — including career and business choices, and how you spend the hours of your day. Don Johnson does a great job of presenting a step-by-step approach to developing a personal vision and then carrying that vision forward into your business, whatever that may be. This is a way to not only succeed in business but to lead a rich and fulfilling life while you do so.

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