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Unlock Your Full Leadership Potential

Sharpen your skills and develop your own personal leadership style, which will live on as you inspire others to lead. For anyone who has a leadership position or aspirations, Green Dragon Books has practical guides with proven, beneficial strategies. Capture your vision and learn how to focus on your mission and values. By honing leadership and management skills like conflict resolution, communication, and organization, you will build better relationships in group situations, including changing work environments.

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Green Dragon Books provides effective methods to develop leadership skills by taking action in the workplace. Learn how to gain trust and loyalty while holding your team accountable and achieve a work-life balance. Any manager or leader, including teachers, employers, corporate executives, and coaches, can cultivate their leadership and integrity with these tools. Our leadership titles foster professional and personal development.

The Tao of Leadership by John Heider offers a modern adaptation of the Tao Te Ching with profound wisdom for today’s leaders. Worldwide acceptance of Heider’s interpretation is evidenced by its translation into over 17 languages. First published in 1986, this classic book still takes part in Management and Leadership training programs by prominent Fortune 500 companies, including GE and IBM.

Is your management style in harmony with effective leadership? In Don Johnson’s Lion Taming you will find examples of real-life leaders as well as short and long-term plans that focus on successful management styles. The guide measures vision and mission-related outcomes and helps leaders develop loyal employees.

Learn and fully develop your leadership style with new and tried-and-true skills. Continual self-improvement will help you and others grow and evolve.

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