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Connect your body, mind, and soul with Green Dragon’s health and wellness books, written by medical and healthcare professionals. Overcome physical illness, depression, and everyday stress by learning how the body and mind work in unison. Use the techniques explored in these health and wellness books to find inner peace, awaken your calm senses, explore body energy, and achieve personal balance.

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Inner Bridges: A Guide to Energy Movement and Body Structure by Dr. Fritz Frederick Smith bridges Eastern and Western medicine. Dr. Smith discusses his vision of the human body as an integrated system, the force of body energy, and its impact on the mind. Explore Chinese acupuncture and Hindu yoga to discover how your body, attitude, and spirit connect by using this guide.

Passion Beyond Pain: A Mindful Approach to Living a Life of Balance by Dr. John Inzerillo gives insight into beating illnesses, chronic pain, and maintaining wellness. Readers and medical professionals can work on health and healing by understanding the body-mind relationship. By awakening an inner calm, you can reach the goal of balance and enjoy life.

Manage stress and other ailments and connect your mind, body, and soul with Green Dragon’s health and wellness books.

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