Insights to Understanding Human Experience

In all aspects and stages of life, psychology plays a prominent role, personally and professionally. Work on self-improvement and start leading a more fulfilling and productive life with our titles. Our psychology books help you understand how the mind works. Learn to manage stress, cope with grief and loss, and overcome feelings of shame and guilt with these authoritative titles from Green Dragon Books. Use the personal development guides to boost confidence and improve relationships. Parents will also find advice on managing children’s behavior, improving self-esteem and giving them the freedom to grow.

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The Only Moment There Is: Living in the Here and Now by  Dr. David French vividly illustrates how early childhood molds the mind. Become more self-aware and learn how the mind works to protect us from pain and trauma. Memories may have a narrative of negative and false thoughts which let fear and doubt take the wheel. Instead of living, we only focus on surviving. This psychology book also features over 40 illustrations to stimulate your mind and creativity. Meditate on the drawings, or color them in – there is no right or wrong, do what inspires you!

Spiral of Shame by Jeanne Peterson gives insight and helpful suggestions to overcoming the feelings of not meeting the expectations of others, or those we set for ourselves. These self-conscious emotions and negative feelings can lead to a downward spiral, contributing  to troubling behaviors and emotional problems. If this is what’s holding you back from fulfilling your potential this step-by-step workbook will help you heal, resolve feelings of shame and guilt and accept and embrace your true self.

You can accomplish anything by breaking barriers erected in your mind. Unlock limitless possibilities by gaining insight into the power of the mind with these practical techniques.

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