Environmental Titles

Preserving the Planet

Nature surrounds us, and having an appreciation and understanding of how human actions impact the environment is crucial to preserving our planet for future generations. Every individual can make a difference by acting in environmentally conscious ways and supporting causes with shared values. These Environmental themed titles offer insight through practical, philosophical, and spiritual views.  If individuals have awareness and harmony with nature, they can strive for sustainability and teach others.

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Greenspan’s Anguish Thoreau as an Economic Prophet features a series of essays looking into corporate practices that harm the environment. Written by James Eggert, an Economist with a strong ecological passion, Greenspan’s Anguish addresses global society and how companies negatively impact the earth. Analyzing the words and philosophies of economist Alan Greenspan and naturalist Henry David Thoreau, Eggert offers up a convincing discussion of how global communities should nurture nature more. This philosophical yet practical approach will have you reconsidering your environmental footprint. 

One of the most brilliant minds throughout history, Albert Hofmann reflects on nature’s importance in Insight Outlook. Hofmann, a Swiss chemist, and philosopher walks readers through an empowering journey with scientific components of humans and the environment. A pioneer and innovator, Hoffman recognizes the vast depth of the earth and beyond and looks deeply into how life connects to it all.

Green Dragon wants to offer readers philosophical insight into the appreciation of nature and the harmony and balance it provides. Everyone has the opportunity to make a positive difference in preserving the environment.

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